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Welcome - Saturday, September 19, 2020

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It's amazing how random events can, in later times, become so valuable. A few months ago I was sitting in my apartment in Denver and my cell phone rang. I answered it.

"Marcos, it's Justin, I'm in Colorado and I'm coming to Denver tonight."

I was supposed to be at work in a few hours but Justin's kid-like excitement took only seconds to win me over. We talked for a brief minute, I called the office and told them that I was sick and wouldn't be going to work after all (cough, cough).

I am so greatful to have had that evening. Justin and I wandered from bar to bar drinking little and talking a lot. A cold wet snow was falling but it couldn't chill the warmth of old friends catching up. We talked about future plans, girlfriends, old friends and life in general. We hatched plans for the wedding and the bachelor party (he kept swearing me to secrecy).

I have rarely met someone who did well and did the right thing with less ego than Justin. He did it because he wanted to bring pride and pleasure to those around him, a rare motivation. His plans for the future focused not on gaining wealth, but of securing the excitement and happiness he had found in recent years.

How fortunate that my last memories of Justin are of him with a smile that began in his very core.

I want to thank all of his friends but especially Jodi, who brought Justin true joy. Because of you I know that my friend was happy until his untimely end.

Marcos Mocine-McQueen
10/6/2004 5:35:52 PM66.199.101.83

I can't believe you are gone. The world will not be the same without you. I think of you and all I can think of is the joyful, upbeat, motivated, hilarious, fantastic, smart and FUN guy you are. You are one of the best and the brightest and you have touched more lives than you know.
We'll miss you presidente.
Addie Young
10/6/2004 5:28:44 PM138.9.200.20
In our daily lives as rescuers and caregivers, we often find ourselves numb to the significant emotional impacts of the emergency calls that we handle as routine. When one of our own is involved we are reminded of how fragile life really is.

Justin was an unsung hero, one of many at NetCom, working behind the scenes to make sure the “system” was ever-ready to serve. Our contact with Justin at the user level was minimal, yet all of us sensed the vitality and passion that he had. He was full of energy and promise. Our hearts are heavy with sorrow and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and our extended family at NetCom.

Jeff Terpstra, Aptos/La Selva Fire
10/6/2004 1:55:37 PM66.124.237.162

What can one say about Justin. He lived life so completely and with so much joy. He affected everyone he touched in a positive way and I will be forever grateful for the time i spent with him. I was lucky enough to work with him DJing for 4 great years, and I have a lifetimes worth of memories to share and keep justin close to me and help him to continue to be a force in my life. Justin showed me how to have fun in all we did, and he and jodi showed us all what true love looks like. I smile every time I think of them together. I love you Justin and miss you, but you live with all of us and we will live like you did, with no regrets and nothing but love.

thank you for everything you did for me

love Julian
julian mocine-mcqueen
10/6/2004 1:41:21 PM67.160.219.120

As I begin to type this message, my eyes are watering, and now I am crying. Whoa.
I just went to Eureka High School to present some items on insurance to the students, and you were the topic of coversation with the teachers before my presentation started. Why? Probably because you were a guy that everyone looked up to. A man that was respected by all walks of life. You were el presidente for a reason. You might have been a lot shorter than me, but inside, you were heads and shoulders above the rest.
You and I had a bond of being DJ's and it is so weird to me that hours before hearing the terrible news of your mishap, I had recited a line that you once told me.... hours before hand.....I remember you telling me "You don't want to DJ a wedding, they are a nightmare, the brides always complain about the wedding and tell you that you are messing up their weddings" Too weird.
You will be missed by anyone and everyone who knows/knew you. I can't imagine the pain your family feels after losing someone as special as you.
I will never forget the tiki parties at your house!!! Those were fun!!! Well dude, I hope all is well upstairs, keep on spinning and smiling!!
Dylan Sacco
Dylan Sacco
10/6/2004 1:33:22 PM216.234.134.106
Where do I start with someone as special as Justin? I have so many special memories that I will cherish until the day we are reunited. He was the best cousin I could have ever asked for and I've looked up to him since we were little kids. We had the same dreams and goals for our lives and he had achieved all of his except the one, while I seem to be just getting started on my own. That's Justin, always a great leader and trailblazer, undoubtedly the Eagle Scout in him. As we grew older we became great friends thanks to our wonderful grandparents and parents. Our Nana and Papa took us on so many great trips where we always seemed to get into as much trouble as possible. Justin was usually okay but I on the other hand always seemed to go a step (or two) too far. He always took care of me though, and in the rare occasions when our roles flipped and I got a chance to take care of him, I relished the opportunity. We loved to reminisce about our escapades in Hawaii, Montana, Florida, New York, the cruise that we took over in the Bahamas (we had our own room), and the many others. The future was certainly bright and Justin loved to plan for it. The bachelor party in Vegas, the honeymoon in Tahiti, the 21st birthday trip to New Orleans that we were planning for our cousin Corey next September (and we hadn't even told him yet). Justin was always planning for the future and yet he never missed a beat on the present.
I was so happy for him when he found Jodi because he loved her so much, it was so easy to see it in his eyes and words as he described my new sister, who I had not yet had a chance to meet. I was apprehensive about being a third wheel when Justin brought Jodi to come to visit me in New York two years ago. Justin told me it wouldn't be a problem and that I would fall in love with her immediately. He was so right. I never felt the slightest bit out of place and Jodi and I started calling each other cousin soon thereafter.
I was so happy for them both when he told me he would propose to her, and I would have to say the proudest moment of my life came when he told me that I would be his best man, I was ecstatic. He told me there was never a doubt. I knew that if Justin, a man with so many great friends and family, chose me it was an honor beyond anything I will ever have again. I told him so and that I loved him and he told me the same.
I think that I could fill up this entire site with stories and memories, and I know I'm not the only one. From the movies we made, the movies his friends made that he always loved to show me, our teasing of Jodi because as Justin and I would laugh at random stuff from a bird to a poor driving cabby we could always count on Jodi (the sweetheart) to defend the defenseless, our long talks, spending time with his friends at the cabin on New Years last year, my 21st in Vegas where we met Wayne Newton, and his love and amazement for his new baby, Charlie. Justin loved to just sit and watch the little guy figure life out. The slippery hardwood floors, the bushes Charlie would try and pick fights with in their yard, the amazement we all had at his use of his little arms, or how every time I made a weird noise for the little guy and he would turn his head sideways Justin would never miss the opportunity to point out that it was a sign of intelligence.
I have lost some great friends in my life but nothing hurts like this because Justin became my brother in recent years. I wish I had been there Saturday night when we last talked and I will always regret not coming over the hill to in your words, "drink tall boys and watch cars crash". It probably wouldn't have changed anything but at least I would have had a little more time with you.
We have all been blessed to have known Justin. The suddenness and pain of his passing will never go away. Our memories with Justin will never leave us. Like Scotty, I talked about death with Justin. On occasion I would ramble on that if I had to go I would want my family and friends to know that though I wanted to stay I had had a great run and cherished my time with them all. Justin agreed with that completely and though he wanted to stay it was out of his hands. He is with us now wishing he could hug us in our time of sorrow. We are lucky to have known him as well as we did and we will all be better off because of it. I know it breaks his heart to not be able to one last goodbye to all of us especially his soul mate Jodi, his loving parents Sue and Scott, and his amazing sister Nicole. But he is alive in all of our hearts. We love you Justin and we'll see you again. Plan a good little party for me up there so we can continue with the fun we had here. I love you brother.
Craig Smullin
10/6/2004 12:23:18 PM165.247.204.35
As a parent there is nothing more heartbreaking than to lose a child. My heart is with his parents, sister, family and friends as they sort through this tremendous loss.

Justin, because of the way he lived his life, will live on through his friends and family who cared so very much for him.

Liz Smith
10/6/2004 11:40:25 AM205.188.116.5

Justin left quite an impression on me, though I only spoke with him a couple times through his excellent work and service to the SCPD. My heart is broken for his finance and family; they will be in my prayers for some time.
Shawn Savadkohi
10/6/2004 11:28:32 AM64.175.136.149
That one so young could touch so many, so profoundly is remarkable and that is Justin. While I do not expect to ever understand why Justin's time with us was so short, I can choose to accept the gift of his presence in my life.

Justin, you have left a hole in my heart that I will fill with fond and loving memories of you.

Prayers for peace and comfort for Justin's fiance, family, and loved ones.
Lisa Sullivan
10/6/2004 11:26:14 AM68.127.16.89

There is a special strength and energy that emanates from a joyful person like you. Your happiness and positive attitude brought relief from the gloom and often-stressful atmosphere we work in. It is for that reason I will cherish the limited time we had to work together all the more and commit to follow your example, especially during this sad time.
Manny Solano
10/6/2004 11:20:06 AM216.228.3.194

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